TestimonialsGreat People Delivering Great Food. A Winning Combination!

Great food is expected in this business. Great people are what make the difference. Our clients feel connected to our people. From the front line employee to the on site manager to the regional and corporate leadership team, we are here to create winning solutions for you and your organization.

“I have spent many years in the business of food and service. I find my motivation in creating exceptional experiences for my customers. When I came to Hallmark, I felt encouraged to use my professional experience and creativity to impact our customers each day in a positive way. I am able to lead knowing there is an operational foundation and team of leaders that create a strong collaboration of ideas that allows for the best outcome for our clients and customers. I feel connected to our company’s values and how we choose to serve others. At the end of the day, I appreciate knowing that my passion to serve others is rewarded by the reaction I receive from our customers, the relationships we build and having them tell me they appreciate all we do to make their experience truly special.”

Ryan Richardson, Director of Campus Dining
Hallmark Management Services

“Hilbert College has been a client of Hallmark for over 20 years. We have found the current leadership structure to be very effective. Having a local presence has been very helpful in efficiently resolving issues. The corporate headquarters team has been very good at providing support and direction especially with strategic issues.

The best thing I can say about Hilbert’s relationship with Hallmark is that it is truly a partnership. The goal for both is to create the best possible dining situation for our students at an affordable cost while allowing Hallmark to make a reasonable profit. Both the college and Hallmark work continuously to improve the dining experience for the students.

The Hallmark staff on our campus is well aware of the importance of creating a positive experience for the students and are well-trained in customer service techniques. They are also supported with the resources to meet the needs of students with dietary restrictions and to satisfy the expectations of students from diverse backgrounds.

Overall, Hilbert has benefited from having a firm like Hallmark that understands the environment we operate in and can deliver what we need at an affordable cost. It has definitely been a winning combination.”

Rick Pinkowski, VP Business & Finance
Hilbert College