HospitalitY TeaM & leadershipOur people ARE the difference

Every Hallmark team member is empowered to take ownership in how they positively create the best dining experience possible.  We believe it all starts with finding the right people, challenging them to develop and grow and be accountable to our HMS Values.

Three Step Hiring Process

Our structured interview process allows us to find the best candidate for the job and always be prepared when a position opens.

Pre-Employment Screening

Drug and background screenings are used where required to mirror client protocol for their organizations.

Immersion Training and Onboarding

We believe that a great start to a new job is critical. The first 90 days of immersion are focused on learning core job functions and assuring that the appropriate skill set is present for the position. Our 30/60/90 day evaluations for front line employees and 60/120/180 day evaluations for managers provide an opportunity to assure understanding of business and create a strong foundation.

Annual Performance Reviews

Every Hallmark employee participates in an end of year evaluation process. The intentional time spent discussing the performance of our team reinforces our HMS Values, growth and development opportunities and the importance of meeting our goals while exceeding your expectations.

Professional Training & Development

Employees and managers are required to participate in on-going training and develop specific to their job, customer service, safe food handling & allergen awareness, catering service and more. Cross-training and ongoing professional education is encouraged.


Managers are required to have and maintain their ServSafe Food Handling and Allergen certifications. TIPS alcohol service training is also used where applicable.

Our Business Development Managers Make A Real Impact!

Some dining management companies use the term Business Development synonymous with those focussed on sales efforts.  We intentionally don’t see the relationship with our clients as a sales phase and operational phase.  Our Business Develop Managers (BDM) are highly skilled dining operators actively engaged in the sales process, however they are more importantly the primary support for the onsite team to maintain our operational standards.  They are guided by our MOR (operational standards audit) and other tools and processes to ensure we meet our financial and contractual commitments while achieving consistent and rewarding results.  The BDM is also closely partnered with our on-campus clients to ensure we are getting results, communicating effectively and develop strategies to always develop the dining program.

The Hallmark Team is a collection of amazing talent from all backgrounds and experiences.  Each member brings strength in their individual diversity to the collective pursuit of delivering the our best to those we are honored to serve.  Always guided by our HMS Values, our Connect Through Excellence platform celebrates and rewards those team members who consistently deliver their best each day.

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