PEOPLE MANAGEMENTOur people ARE the difference.

Nothing pairs well with great food like first class service. Our leaders and on site team are passionate about delivering great service to our customers each and every day. Our team feels as much a part of the community that we serve as your students, residents, associates and guests. It builds a sense of pride in each and everything we do and creates exceptional dining experiences.

Three Step Hiring Process

Our structured interview process allows us to find the best candidate for the job and always be prepared when a position opens.

Immersion Training and Development

We believe that a great start to a new job is critical. The first 90 days of immersion are focused on learning core job functions and assuring that the appropriate skill set is present for the position. Our 30/60/90 day evaluations for both front line employees and managers provide an opportunity to assure understanding of business

Semi-Annual Reviews

Our employees and managers participate in a mid year and end of year evaluation process. The intentional time spent discussing the performance of our team reinforces the importance of meeting our goals and exceeding your expectations.

Professional Training & Development

Employees and managers are required to participate in on-going training and develop specific to their job, customer service, safe food handling & allergen awareness, catering service and more. Cross-training and ongoing professional education is encouraged.


Managers are required to have and maintain their ServSafe Food Handling and Allergen certifications. TIPS alcohol service training is also used where applicable.

Pre Employment Screening

Drug and background screenings are used where required to mirror client protocol for their organizations.


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