“I don’t just feed a community; I help build one. That is the start of something great! It’s exciting to have a way to build a bridge and create a connection. I’ve discovered that food can be that bridge. It allows me to create a connection. It allows me to create moments with our guests that transcend our differences; to see how much we really have in common. Nothing is more rewarding than being able to be creative with food and have your passion…have a purpose.”

“One of the things I value about Hallmark is that they are responsive to our needs. I am relatively new to Daemen and upon assuming this role, I evaluated all of our functions and services, including our dining service operation. Any suggestion I had was met with a thoughtful dialogue and we were able to implement many of those in an efficient manner. I appreciate that Hallmark is knowledgeable about dining trends, but also small and nimble enough to address our needs that work for our campus. While there are industry standards, we are not boxed into a plan because that is how other institutions do it. I value that.

While I know that we are not the only account Hallmark has, oftentimes, I feel that I am. And that is pretty impressive. The Regional Manager has an office on our campus and is able to address issues, not just dealing with service or food, but also vendors and other large scale issues. Additionally, I am able to regularly talk with the owners of the company about issues large or small. The dialogue has resulted in some vast improvements to our dining program, including an overhaul of existing retail space that will suit the needs of our campus for many years to come.

Our College has grown a great deal over the years and as a result, so has the sophistication of our needs. Hallmark balances fresh menus and made to order food, with comfort food that all students want.”

“Not only was the food excellent but the creative presentations were camera worthy”

NASPA Conference

“National Fuel has had a business relationship with Hallmark Management Services for almost 2 years, when they assumed responsibility for the management of our Corporate Headquarters Dining Center.

The key to our successful relationship is their management personnel. They are extremely responsive, directly hands-on and are result oriented. They also immediately recognized our emphasis on controlling costs and responded accordingly.

Both their verbal and written responses to my requests for information are timely and straight forward. Their hands-on management style has actually made my work life easier because I have confidence that they will do the right thing at all times, freeing me up to address my other work responsibilities.

The best compliment I can give them is that at an upper management budget meeting following their assumption of duties, our CEO stated that the transition was seamless. Last but not least they do all this at a lower cost to us.”

Even before we started planning our new Student Center, the Hallmark Team was breathing new life into our old, dingy dining hall. Having transformed that gloomy old space into a bright, welcoming fun place to eat and hang out, we knew we could trust them to lead the development of our new dining space. They did not disappoint!

For two years OCU and the Hallmark Team walked arm in arm through the planning, financing, building, occupying, and now for the past four years utilizing, our new dining center and cafe. We couldn’t be happier!

“Hilbert College has been a client of Hallmark for over 20 years. The best thing I can say about Hilbert’s relationship with Hallmark is that it is truly a partnership. Both the college and Hallmark work continuously to improve the dining experience for the students.

The Hallmark staff on our campus is well aware of the importance of creating a positive experience for the students and are well-trained in customer service techniques. They are also supported with the resources to meet the needs of students with dietary restrictions and to satisfy the expectations of students from diverse backgrounds.

Overall, Hilbert has benefited from having a firm like Hallmark that understands the environment we operate in and can deliver what we need at an affordable cost. It has definitely been a winning combination.”

Rick Pinkowski, VP Business & Finance
Hilbert College

“I have spent many years in the business of food and service. I find my motivation in creating exceptional experiences for my customers. When I came to Hallmark, I felt encouraged to use my professional experience and creativity to impact our customers each day in a positive way. I am able to lead knowing there is an operational foundation and team of leaders that create a strong collaboration of ideas that allows for the best outcome for our clients and customers. I feel connected to our company’s values and how we choose to serve others. At the end of the day, I appreciate knowing that my passion to serve others is rewarded by the reaction I receive from our customers, the relationships we build and having them tell me they appreciate all we do to make their experience truly special.”

“We have had an excellent working relationship with Hallmark Management Services, Inc. for over 7 years. In that time, the Sisters of Mercy at Mercy Center, Buffalo N.Y. have experienced a wide range of services to meet our dietary needs. It has been a pleasure to work with their employees and I applaud their dedication, support and commitment to excellence. They are always willing to go the extra mile and are very attentive to the needs of the 68 sisters living at the convent. From the everyday dietary needs to special occasions, they strive to serve meals best suited for each event. If or when a concern or problem arose, it was resolved quickly. It is with great confidence that I can recommend the administrative staff, the dietary employees and the mission of Hallmark Management Services, Inc. to others.”