Facility & Concept Design ServiceIndustry Leading Branded Dining Environments

Creating a dining environment and brand that our guests crave just as much as the great food we serve is key to a dining program that increases participation and overall guest satisfaction. By working to better understand the goals of clients, our skilled team of kitchen and dining designers and brand experts can create and build an exciting dining location that achieves an exceptional customer experience for the students of today and tomorrow.


Hallmark brings industry leading brand and space design services to our clients that begins with initial concept creation and space design, project and budget management and successful opening and operation.When considering a project you can expect the following from our team:We listen and pay close attention to the specific needs of our clients and our customers and tailor a design that will create an exciting and rewarding dining experience for our customers.

Our vast experience managing and operating dining locations is utilized to create unique and vibrant kitchens and dining spaces that are efficient to operate, easy to maintain and flexible with your ever-changing needs.

Our team of award-winning design partners, equipment experts and food service operators work closely to develop a plan that will create a dining environment that showcases a passion for great food and service.

We know it takes an entire team to be successful. That’s why our team coordinates with your on-site facilities team, contractors and leaders to find the best solution to design and build a facility that meets your operational goals, delivered on time and on budget.

We believe that there is no one solution to meeting your dining needs…we look outside the box.

That is why we listen and understand what you are looking for. Our creative approach allows us to customize a dining brand and solution that creates a special experience for our customers.

Our team is able to not only create an exceptional dining environment, but great food and service also.

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