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Tired of dealing with vendors too big to understand the needs of your campus? Feel like they offer rigid dining programs that more suit their needs than those of your campus community?  We have spent countless years in Collegiate Dining and know how to deliver exciting and creative solutions that deliver BIG results on smaller and mid-sized campuses.

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WE BELIEVE:A Great Dining Program is a Journey… NOT a Destination!

Want proof? See how we improved the menu and transformed the dining program at Ohio Christian University.

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I don't just feed a community; I help build one. It allows me to create a connection. It allows me to create moments with our guests that transcend our differences; to see how much we really have in common.

Delanda Sha Kent, Executive Chef
Hallmark Management Services

It has been a pleasure to work with their employees and I applaud their dedication, support and commitment to excellence. They are always willing to go the extra mile and are very attentive to our needs.

Sister Elaine, Leadership Team
Mercy Center

Both their verbal and written responses to my requests for information are timely and straight forward. Their hands-on management style has actually made my work life easier.

Richard Miga, Director of Land Management
National Fuel Gas