Menu Creation & Food Prep Truly Delicious Food, Customized to Local Preferences.

Food is more than a commodity—it’s an experience for your customers and an extension of your reputation. We partner with our clients to deliver ideal food solutions including customized menu creation, best-in-class food preparation, and professional dining services.

Why Hallmark Management Services?

Your goals revolve around great food, and great tasting food is the soul of what we do. To deliver memorable dining experiences, we provide the following:

  • Local menus featuring regional flavors & preferences
  • Partnership with local food/ingredient vendors
  • Batch cooking to ensure freshness & appeal
  • Proprietary recipes designed by our culinary experts
  • Allergens awareness & communication
  • Healthy menus & options
  • Strict food safety guidelines
  • Professional service & waiting staff

Delivering an exceptional food experience will increase participation in your dining program and help you achieve a high customer satisfaction. That’s what food partnership is all about.

Who Do We Serve?

We partner with businesses and events teams to deliver exceptional, cost-effective food service and experiences. Our specialty is working with the following:

  • Campus Dining Programs
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Corporate Dining Programs
  • Special Corporate Events
  • Conferences & Trade Shows

We pride ourselves on delivering the best in food and services. Find out how we are serving your industry.

What Are Our Customers Saying?

“Hilbert College has been a client of Hallmark for over 20 years. The best thing I can say about Hilbert’s relationship with Hallmark is that it is truly a partnership. Both the college and Hallmark work continuously to improve the dining experience for the students.

The Hallmark staff on our campus is well aware of the importance of creating a positive experience for the students and are well-trained in customer service techniques. They are also supported with the resources to meet the needs of students with dietary restrictions and to satisfy the expectations of students from diverse backgrounds.

Overall, Hilbert has benefited from having a firm like Hallmark that understands the environment we operate in and can deliver what we need at an affordable cost. It has definitely been a winning combination.”

Rick Pinkowski, VP Business & Finance
Hilbert College

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