Student & community FocusedDining Program Focused On The Needs of Today’s Students While Caring For Our Future

Connecting With Today’s Students

We celebrate the diversity of students and communities we serve.   We understand and value our role to create and build programs that collectively connect us together and support the gift of individuality.

Eat Safe.  This comprehensive program provides those with allergies a path to safely enjoy their dining experience.  Whether a student requires a custom dining modification plan or chooses to navigate on their own with allergen identified menus, we are with them throughout their journey.

Eco To-Go.  All residential dining plan students are provided a complimentary reusable container to take their meal to go.  All students have to do is exchange it for a clean and sanitized one each visit.  It’s our way of caring for the world we live in!

Express Yourself.   We want to hear from those we serve.  That’s why we offer several ways to connect with us including website, social media, written cards in each location or in person, we are ready to listen.

Food Mood.  A one of a kind interactive approach to meeting students where they are in a way that opens doors to help bring the best in dining to your campus.  “Food Committee”…Step Aside!

On the Run Meals.  We know just how busy today’s students are.  Classes, committees, clubs, athletics, music & arts, social groups are all part of the college experience.  Students can pre-order their meal so they never have to miss out.

Level Up.  At times throughout the semester students can elevate their meal with a premium menu selection.  It may be an opportunity to celebrate something special or a perfect way to try something new.

Sustainability Programs & Partnerships That Matter

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