Operational STandards & AccountabilityConsistent Results you can Trust

We believe that while it is great food that we serve, it’s our approach to the business of food that matters to our clients and customers.

As a smaller organization, we value long term relationships grounded by trust and integrity.  We believe in being accountable to ourselves and our clients. Our approach to managing the business of food sets us apart from other companies.  You can always expect from Hallmark:

  • Clear contracts that outline expectations and deliverables, yet flexible to change with the business
  • Annual budgets shared with clients including an Annual Contract Summary outlining all key program details each year
  • Detailed monthly financial statements that share performance and create trust with our clients
  • Statistical sales data to track and monitor sales trends to make informed decisions
  • Dedicated Business Development Manager that regularly meets with on-site client to share and grow the program
  • Financial accountability through client audits upon request
  • Responsive and nimble approach to solving issues by all Hallmark leadership
  • WE TREAT YOUR MONEY LIKE OUR OWN!  We know this business and promise to be your best advisors.

Operational Standards are key to ensuring we deliver our best each day with results our clients and customers depend on.

At Hallmark, it does not end when the contract is signed; it just begins. We are not sales people, we are experienced operators who are with you from the first day we meet; and from that point on. We value that not all of our clients come from the same mold… neither do we.  That is why all of our dining programs are built on clear processes and standards which we train, develop, manage and measure our success by.  These include:

  • Monthly Operations Reviews – This tool is used monthly by the Business Development Manager and Dining Director to measure the compliance and results of over 150 key areas including, but not limited to Customer Experience, Cleanliness & Sanitation & Food Quality & Safety.
  • HMS Core Processes-  Everything we do has a Core Process that our front line team is trained by and serves as a guide to how we manage the business in a consistent and effective manner.
  • Purchasing Programs that Don’t Limit-  Our purchasing programs do not limit our ability to be creative or serve our customer.  Our directors benefit from the support of purchasing relationships that bring value and savings to the program with the flexibility they require to care for our customer.
  • S.A.F.E. Site-  The safety of our customer and team is paramount.  Our S.A.F.E. Site program promotes safe practices and environments through clear PPE standards, procedures, monthly audits and regular employee committee meetings.

Do you want to learn more about how we can create results you can trust?

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