Financial AccountabilityResults you can Trust

At Hallmark, we get results. Those results start with a sound financial model that allows us to deliver on each and every promise and provide you and our customers with the quality food and service we all expect. Our vast experience managing contract dining programs built on accurate forecasting and budgeting and financial results our clients can trust has been the cornerstone of our success.

At Hallmark, we know that it goes beyond great food and service. It is a business, a relationship and a trust that goes beyond the day we sign the contract. 

Our clients have been partnered with us for many years. We understand that one of the keys to creating these long term relationships is the value and trust we bring by offering:

  • Simple and easy and straight forward financial models and reports that remove the guess-work and create trust with our clients
  • Annual budgets and contract specifications that are aligned with agreed upon outcomes and contract
  • Detailed monthly operating statements that share our financial performance
  • Statistical data tracking purchases and monitoring sales trends
  • Financial accountability through audits at client request
  • Contracts and financial models that are flexible over time

We value that not all of our clients come from the same mold… neither do we. Our approach starts with listening to your specific needs and then working in partnership to build a contract and financial model that achieves your goals. Our vast experience in service contract business allows us to bring a fresh new look to how we can build a successful contract and financial model for you.

At Hallmark, it does not end when the contract is signed; it just begins. We are not sales people, we are experienced operators who are with you from the first day we meet; and from that point on. We want to earn your trust in how we operate and grow together each day. Trust is earned by consistently achieving the results, sharing our financial performance and advising you along the way.

Do you want to learn more about how we can create financial results you can trust?

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We would be happy to share our fresh new approach.