About UsDelivering Collegiate Dining Solutions for Over 50 Years!

Our Story…Simple…Yet Focused

Since 1971, Hallmark Management Service was started by Phil Bach to deliver results-oriented and creative dining solutions to small and mid-sized colleges and universities throughout the Eastern United States.

Over the past 50 years, Hallmark has constantly evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of college students and our clients.  As a smaller, privately owned company, we understand both the challenges and rewards our clients face.  We believe in the power of true partnership with our clients and remain nimble in our approach.

Today we are just as focused and committed to building long lasting partnerships with our clients; partnerships grounded by a foundation of consistent results and unwavering trust.  Our growth will come as a result of our current partnerships and those that seek a true difference.

Core Values that Define Us

Our Core Values serve as our cornerstone and the way we approach our business, recruit and develop our team and connect with our customers and clients.

Honest – Each of our relationships are built on a foundation of Honesty.  It goes beyond a mutual trust to also creating space to say what needs to be shared.  We are committed to always do what we say we will do.

Hardworking – We go the extra mile to achieve an exceptional result. Taking the initiative and doing whatever it takes is key to how we grow and support the needs of our clients.   We will not be out-worked.

Hospitable – Each interaction starts with a warm smile, a pleasant greeting and a passion to serve others.  Our diverse relationships allow us the opportunity to connect the food we serve to the communities we support.  We roll out the welcome mat.

Hungry – It goes beyond satisfying the hunger of our customers.  We see Hunger as an attitude that drives our passion to always learn, grow and develop how we impact our clients and customers.  We take every opportunity to “Make It Better”.

Let Our Team Show You How We Can Put These Values to Work for YOU!

The best way for you to see the difference is to have us show you who we are. We would be honored to have the opportunity to learn more about your organization and share how we can help you meet your goals.

Please contact our team at 614-564-9522 or email us by clicking here.
We want  to earn your business!