FLEXIBLE DINING PROGRAMSCreative Dining Solutions, Tailored To Your Unique Needs

Our leaders move in unison with our clients’ ever-changing needs and dining trends to create ongoing tailored food programs that create winning results.

What Do We Offer?

Dining services play an important role in helping our clients deliver on their mission and meet their goals. To that end, we design dining programs catered to your organizational culture, service needs, budget constraints and facility challenges. We provide:

  • Tailored Food Programs
  • Meal Plan Structure
  • Retail/Café Environments
  • Rotating Brand Concepts
  • Conference/Special Event Programs
  • Flexible Contracts
  • Holistic Points of Service

Whatever your goals, our team will work closely with you to help achieve them. That’s what food partnership is all about.

Why Hallmark?

We believe that every organization deserves a dining program that best fits their special and unique dining needs. We use a proven process outlined below to help our clients achieve their goals:

  • We listen and learn. Not every organization is the same! We seek to understand how creating a custom dining program for you can help your organization meet its goals.
  • We create solutions. We look at the uniqueness of every opportunity. We don’t sell one dining program; instead we use our expertise to creatively customize your winning solution.
  • We lead passionately. This is more than our job; it’s our passion. Our diverse team of leaders work together to bring their love of food and service to our customers each and every day. They understand our clients and are skilled problem solvers.
  • We measure our success. We are committed to measuring our results, sharing progress, and working closely with your team to determine how we can create the best dining experience possible for your customers.
  • We stay focused on our core values.  At every step, we remain committed to our core values of honesty, hardwork, hospitality, and a hunger to exceed your expectations.
  • We deliver winning results. We are partners who stand beside you all the way…doing what we said we would do, and delivering the results you expect.





Rotating Brand Concepts

We have developed several brands that offer a wide array of food choices.  Our unique retail dining program is able to rotate these brands within the same operating space throughout a given year, adding great variety to any dining service program.  Our creative designs and strategic selection of equipment allows for the flexibility required to offer our premium brands and gives us the capacity to meet the rapid changes in dining trends.

Typically, our retail branded concepts are offered for between three and four weeks before being transitioned to the next new favorite!  Built with fresh ingredients and reflecting the hottest trends in dining, these quick serve options allow our guests to customize their choices their way.  A few of our current concepts include:

Huarache. This Mexican street food experience allows customers to create their own authentic rice bowl, classic burrito, or Huarache…a hand made fried masa tortilla topped with authentic, freshly made ingredients.

Griglia Fresca.  Griglia Fresca is a fresh Italian market grill with endless flavor combinations.  We offer a wide variety of healthy, flavorful choices so that guests can create anything from a classic Spaghetti and Meatballs to their own unique creation from our selection of Italian ingredients.

Sabai.  Bold flavors abound with Sabai, an Asian influenced concept that takes traditional Chinese ingredients and twists them with Thai and Korean elements, creating a true melting pot of flavor.

and more…from Gemisto – a Mediterranean concept  – to Slice, Sizzle & Stack – our answer to traditional American fast food – our culinary experts have developed additional concepts that create unique variety within any dining program!

Need a dining program that fits your needs and delivers consistent long term results?

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