Primary Schools (K-12)Feeding the minds of today’s youth, our future.

We know that feeding nutritious and wholesome meals at school is key to today’s youth achieving their full potential. Our K-12 school dining programs are compliant with the National School Lunch Program and built on a strong foundation of operational standards and nutritional education that drive student participation and satisfaction.

Our expertise in providing on-site food service in multiple industries supports the operational needs of our K-12 segment by providing effective planning and accountability tools to assure results for our clients.

Whether your school district operates within the NSLP guidelines or prefers an enhanced program focusing on freshly prepared nutritious foods we have options to support your needs. Our menus are developed seasonally by our culinary team and include all the necessary support information for communication with school staff, students and parents.

Hallmark offers a wide range of services and has a team focused on achieving results:

  • Complete on-site Management of your program or Satellite support of meal items from our Commissary
  • Nutritious meals that exceed the standards of the National School Lunch Program
  • Professional Management Team supporting your school every day throughout the year
  • Optional Nutrition Education and Awareness programs for your students
  • Record retention program to support required school reporting
  • Catering support for special events throguhout the year

We believe that working with us allows schools to focus on their core competency of education. Ancillary support services are a critical component of a student’s educational experience. We are experts in “handling the details” to assure that everything operates smoothly regardless of the program type chosen. We understand how important it is to fuel young minds with energy so they can focus on learning and development.

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