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At Hallmark, we know every event sends an important message to your guests. That message will be best delivered when all the details are planned and executed seamlessly. Our team of knowledgable professionals know to ask all the right questions when planning all facets of your event. This allows you to focus on the message and purpose of your event without having to juggle and be distracted by all of the support services that are necessary to create oustanding guest experience.

Food is at the core of nearly every event and celebration and requires detailed planning and coordination to assure great service.

Our ONE POINT service brings together all of the support services for events and meetings under one team- centralized scheduling, housekeeping, parking and grounds, security, physical plant, audio visual, IT services and more. All of these departments are significant stakeholders in coordinating meetings and event services and rely on having the right information at the right time in order to effectively execute and maximize resources.

Having a ONE POINT of contact to coordinate and communicate the myriad of details is at the core of creating an outstanding client experience from the initial contact, through event planning, coordination, pricing and of course fantastic service.

One Point Logo

  • Single point of contact for on-premise Event Planning & Management
  • Simplicity for internal and external customers in assuring great events
  • Communication with every stakeholder regarding meeting and event details
  • Knowledgable and professional coordinators focused on assuring all things are in place and ready before being needed
  • Seamless representation of your brand
  • Consolidated billing

Our ONE POINT service requires a very deep understanding of the site’s capabilities and structure in order to develop the people and tools necessary for a single point of contact that effectively represents and drives your mission. Our team will work with you in customizing the services to help break down barriers and silos across the organization that improve the coordination and teamwork to develop outstanding guest experiences.

Let us help your organization create a ONE POINT service solution for all your special event needs.

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